Decorating and freshening up a space with glass is one of the easiest ways to bring flair, color and style to a room. From candle holders, vases, coasters, lanterns, sculptures, art – the history of glass making can be traced back over 4000 years for domestic and industrial purposes.

Thanks to technology and the creative eye, the humble glass can set the stage for simple, decorative, chic ideas.

A glass coffee table allows you to also create a statement under it with a floral arrangement or candles, perhaps cushions or a colorful rug. Bring in a lighter mood by arranging a variety of glassware on shelves. Use tinges of your favorite colors if you want to add ‘pop’ to the arrangement. Rub acrylic glitter onto wine glasses for cocktail hour; add multi colored glass marbles in a bowl (or a rich colored candle in a clear vase) and place them on a statement table runner. All simple ideas that require little time to pull off. Hold on to those mason jars that can come in handy for table décor and bottles that double as mini flower holders to enhance your table setting or hang outdoors. Once you’re done, just store them away. The best thing is that these decorations can be easily enhanced and changed to keep up with whatever the occasion – cocktails with friends, a cookout or brightening up a corner table.

Of course – remember to recycle glass once it has served its purpose.