No doubt you’ve seen this style in person or beautifully featured in articles and social media posts. It celebrates a combination of country warmth and contemporary definitions. It came into the limelight in 2020 and continues to inspire interior designers and home enthusiasts worldwide. I for one love the blend of rustic comfort with a more minimalist and modern personality.

‘Farmhouse’ references can depict old furniture and dark wood panels. Not here! You can expect to be surprised by the charm of crisp white walls, exposed wood beams, brushed metal handles, dimpled timber flooring, sisal rugs and many more delightful elements that give a nod to this style.

The natural elements such as wood, metal and stone introduce a ‘return to nature’ feeling; while clean, sleek lines add an element of sophistication. Play off each style with select wall art, rugs, easy décor  and furniture.

Minimalistic contemporary touches are key to achieving this style. And remember not to overdo it, or you’ll create a space that will look overworked. Keep it relaxed!

If you’re renovating your home to incorporate this style, consider exposed rafters or infusing traditional kitchen tiles with modern cabinets. Adding rustic pendant lights is a simple way to weave in the farmhouse elegance to your new kitchen.

A less daunting approach is to paint the walls using a neutral palette of whites, creams, and greys. Maybe start off in a bedroom. To make the personality all your own, add pops of color with the bed linen and throw cushions. Against a neutral and minimalist background, your ‘country home’ décor brings in the warmth. And without too many colors, you’re keeping away that ‘overcrowded’ feeling.

Another reason this style has gained popularity is the ability to seamlessly add color to enhance a room while holding onto that country home elegance. This room with its fireplace brings it all together with the white fabric against a blue feature wall. The neutrals are further enhanced by the jute rug, storage baskets and plants. The aesthetics come alive when you create layers with throw rugs and chunky pillows. It’s refreshing to bring that combination of country coziness into our homes; and to be able to modernize it to suit our practical needs. It’s appealing for all the right reasons – mainly that approachable, comfortable feeling when you walk in the door.


It’s easy to understand why folks find this style simply adorable! Aside from the comfortable and yet contemporary factor, it’s versatile and compatible with other designs such as traditional, rustic, and industrial. With its soft and cozy touches, it certainly is an easy going decorating style!


With our ‘crazy busy’ schedules, we often miss out on quality time with loved ones, especially those relaxing, chill out moments with our partner.

Any spare time is usually taken up with another ‘To Do’ list, right? And part of that list probably includes renovations or upgrades to the home and garden.

So, here’s an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Why not transform part of your garden just for the two of you? 

If you’re searching for an opportunity to spend some quality time with your significant other – it’s a fabulous reason to create a romantic backyard.

If you’re lucky to have a large garden, then pick a spot and get your gardening gloves on!

But remember, even the smallest space can be created into a dreamy spot for two.

Here are some inspirations to consider as you design your romantic ‘getaway’ in your own backyard;

Creating a romantic backyard - Vas Nair Design

Charming catch-up corner  Sometimes a coffee catch-up before you start your day is the best way to get your spirits up; and why not do it in your own garden?

I love the light, neutral colors that spring forward here against the tiles and greenery to make a statement.

The natural timber and wooden aspects in this design further blends it all into nature.

Enjoying your morning coffee and talking about your plans for the day couldn’t happen in a better spot! 

Creating a romantic backyard

Balcony in bloom    If you don’t have your own garden, don’t let that stop you.

Why not embellish your balcony with your favorite colors, plants, rugs, and decorative cushions?

This could be the definitive space where you both catch up on reading or simply put your feet up.

The nice thing about this set-up is that you can change the plants and colors to match the season.

Dress it up with candles for the night and mix things up to celebrate special occasions. 

Beautiful garden with fire pit andirondack chairs and greenhouse

Cuddle by the fire  Who doesn’t love a fireside chat? The fire pit is not just a heat source, but also an artistic assertion that captures the eye.

Choose one that isn’t too big for the space. The selection of styles today vary from rustic to modern, so you get to add your own personal touch.

Imagine huddling around a warm fire on a cool night with your favorite beverage, as you watch the sunset? Pretty romantic, right?

Modern magic  If you’ve recently spruced up your garden and prefer a more contemporary style…here’s a quick solution.

Be bold with color by adding two seats that will pop in the midst of your courtyard.

With flowers in bloom, it’s an inviting addition to your already completed garden. No other fashionable furnishings required!

Your chill out zone is ready when you are!

Dinner under the stars  Creating this secluded setting just for the two of you is quite simple.

With a table and chairs under a tree, the addition of string lights or tiki torches brings in a super romantic backdrop.

Add your favorite cushions, table décor, champagne, and here’s your go to spot that doesn’t take up too much space.

For extra privacy, you can bring in a garden trellis with climbing plants.


Poolside cabana  This is a super luxe setting!

Create a romantic area by the pool to enjoy your favorite bottle of chardonnay.

Infuse that extra touch of charm with a beautiful chandelier, rug and throw cushions.

Bring in a bar cart for your evening get-togethers when you’re simply downloading the day’s events. Having it poolside also means you’re a few steps away from a dip during those balmy evenings.

Gardens and greenery matter because they give us a direct connection to nature, and that connection uplifts the mind, body and spirit.  Even with a smaller area, there are many ways to create the right ambiance and enjoy that much needed break.

Make the most of your time together – get a breath of fresh air, sit back and relish the gem you designed for yourselves. 

The journey of finding the balance between your work and your home space

Despite a significant uptick in the number of people working from home, many are still unsure about how to do it well.

We’ve all seen the ‘kitchen counter, dining table, and any space you can find’ approach! Needless to say, this isn’t an effective long-term strategy, especially when your home should be a place that brings comfort and joy to your life.

This ‘new normal’ work arrangement shouldn’t lead to feeling displaced in your own home.

A dedicated home office

Spending hours in front of the computer and other devices can lead to digital burn out – resulting in more stress, anxiety, strain on your eyes and body.

A comfortable work environment leads to the right mindset that contributes to higher levels of productivity.

Make mental health a priority!

So, this is a bit of a balancing act. Meaning – getting the right balance between your work priorities, a happy home set-up and relaxation.

Let’s start with 3 ‘Must Dos’ followed by 5 ‘Home-office Rescue’ tips.

  1. Create a workspace.  Find a spot that you can make your own work zone and not have to clear up every day to accommodate others. 

  2. Establish a “QUIET PLEASE” contract. Others at home need to know when you’re not available, so that you can focus on work and be productive. Create a boundary between work and personal priorities whenever possible.

  3. Take your breaks.
    Be strict about this. Set a timer for every 70 minutes to walk away from your desk, stretch and take a breather.

5 TIPS to optimize your home office:

Declutter and store: Your home office requires order and organization. Take stock of what you have and what you need. Do this annually. Give away or trash what you don’t need.

My advice is to be brutal during this process because keeping anything you don’t need creates clutter, gathers dust and looks unsightly. 

Create proper storage if you don’t have it. 

A filing cabinet, storage bins, shelves or a storage facility are the most common options.

The right furniture: Being comfortable is a no brainer. There are a ton of ergonomic options for your office chair, desk, monitor and other essentials. A standing desk might be a good alternative. As you spend long hours working, a good investment here will keep your joints happy! 

Lighting: Proper lighting makes a BIG difference. Dim lighting adds stress to your eyes and can make the room look depressing.

Where possible, allow natural light into your space because it creates a welcoming feeling and brings a positive atmosphere to any room. 

The right colors: If painting your work area is in the cards, Benjamin Moore paint specialists say that “Warm colors fall into the yellow, orange and red categories while cool options are green, blue and purple”.

The warm palette promotes energy and positivity; and the latter evokes relaxation and calm.

Decades of research shows that colors can change one’s mood. 

Common scents: It’s so important to find opportunities to destress. Simple additions such as scented candles and essential oils can help.

Lavender relieves stress with its calming and soothing effects.

Try infusing aromatherapy into the equation with chamomile and lemongrass to help relieve any tension.

A plant can be a nourishing and healthy addition.

Of course, there’s nothing like fresh flowers to bring a happy and refreshing feeling to your work area.

Walking into your workspace should put you in a positive frame of mind, so that you can concentrate on your work and feel great in your ‘office’.

When you feel positive and productive, others feel it too. Getting the right balance is certainly attainable when you focus on what you want to achieve.

Remember, you’re most productive when you’re firing on all cylinders – and that means creating the right balance at home.

Using Japandi To Transform Your Home

When I hear about the blending of different styles to bring in new interior design allure, I get SUPER excited! In my books, the combination of artistry introduces many more ideas. So, refreshing the interior of your home just got a lot more exciting! 

Minimal wood bedframe in bedroom showing an element of Japandi Design

The Japandi style shows off the hybrid of east and west and is taking the world by storm.

The modern and yet rustic Scandinavian touches combined with the traditional and elegant Japanese style creates a stunningly fresh minimalist, functional and warm feel.

If you’re looking for a way to add a ‘haven’ like comfort to your home, this could be it!

There’s a simple way to tackle this, so here are a few things to keep in mind…

Start with a neutral undertone and then layer

This style isn’t about an overbearing mix of colors.

Select whites, creams, greys or other earthy notes.

Throwing in pops of color will bring in your own charm. BUT don’t overcrowd the color palate.

The Japandi style promotes contrasting colors, such as adding black or tan to the earthy background. This is the layering effect. 

Lulu and Georgia

Stay minimal, warm and functional

The idea is to keep away from too much décor and proudly showcase minimalistic fashion.

Yes, it does mean decluttering and sticking to the essentials!

Without doing this, you won’t enjoy the clean lines and warmth that’s required to pull it off.

You’ll notice the focus is on ‘less is more’ and yet functional. So, before you invest in any new furniture, clean out those drawers! The end result is a space that feels more open and allows for a better flow of positive energy.

Combine a multitude of materials

Japandi Living Room with sleek design

Here is where it gets to be really fun!

Woven fabric, metal, glass, wooden furniture or ratan décor can add texture that will bring more personality to the space.

Remember, minimalism here does not have to be cold and boring.

You can see how the lighter colored flooring and wall further accentuate the darker tones throughout the room, therefore infusing more warmth. Finally, the Japandi style thrives on natural elements.

The best way to connect the inside with the outdoors is to use plants to enliven your home.

Plants bring natural beauty and add a healthy dimension to any space.

Remember, although the purpose here is to blend the two styles, it’s not about overkill with décor and color. Comfort, warmth, functionality and minimalism are the main themes to keep in mind.

Regardless of the size of your space, this style is very achievable. So, have fun with it and enjoy a new and refreshing way to experience your home!

Adding ‘Chic’ To Your Bedroom 

The bedroom is one of the most private spaces in the home and in my books, requires special ‘décor’ attention from time to time.

Luxury Bedroom Ideas by Vas Nair Design

Adding some luxury with sprinkles of comfort and practicality can go a long way towards making your bedroom that special ‘go to’ place.

Let’s face it, we all want a comfortable place to just chill after a stressful day…or to enjoy the positive vibes while sleeping-in whenever we can.

By making some simple changes and introducing some luxe favorites, such as sequined pillows, faux fur throws, unique lighting or bling hardware, your bedroom can look amazing! 

Here are some pointers…

Your statement piece is usually your bed and it is likely to be the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom.

If you don’t want to replace your bed, invest in an impressive headboard that has a unique shape or bold color.

By placing a mirror above each nightstand, you’ve added more glamor.

And speaking of that, glam lamps on your nightstands will beautifully frame your bed.

Luxury Bedroom Ideas by Vas Nair Design
Graham & Brown wallpaper

Add elegance by painting or wallpapering a feature wall.

Choose your favorite design and this part of your bedroom will steal the show! 

You could also incorporate wall art, or my favorite is a standout mirror!

Space permitting, a chaise lounge or cozy chair to relax in can elevate the comfort factor. But remember not to clutter your bedroom with too many pieces of furniture.

As lighting is so important from a practicality and aesthetics perspective – replace a dull light fixture and shed royal treatment with a chandelier or unique pendants.

Finally, glam up your windows with luxe velvet or silk drapery.  

Out of sight! Store things that you don’t want to be seen.

And as tough as it is, getting rid of items you no longer use is a must!

A cluttered bedroom never looks luxurious, so keep the floor clean and clear of clutter.

Put away items that you don’t need every day. Little storage boxes for jewelry and accessories look much better than your loved items being displayed all over your room. 

Luxury Bedroom Ideas by Vas Nair Design
Vas Nair Design

Don’t forget the simple touches such as upgrading your hardware with reflective or bold materials or replacing your lampshades to incorporate a new style.

Bring in new linen and complement your colors with throw pillows. The more the merrier!

If you have neutral or light colors on your bed, mix the pillow designs and textures to add some jazz.

Finally, bring in a breath of fresh air!

Frequently airing your bedroom is necessary for the flow of fresh air.

It goes without saying that cleaning up to remove dust and dander is essential to a healthy environment.

And to go with your flow and mood – use scented candles, flowers or room sprays to create the ambiance you want.

My votes go to lavender for calm & jasmine to revitalize energy!

Luxury Bedroom Ideas by Vas Nair Design

So, remember to start by taking stock of what you really need to keep, what can be stored, trashed or replaced.

Yes, it can be challenging to de-clutter. But given the choice of feeling tired and overcrowded vs feeling relaxed and happy, I think it’s a no brainer!

Also, having things around you that promote happiness creates a healthy mind space.

This includes music, precious photos or your favorite chair just to name a few.

I see blending the right décor, bedroom essentials and colors with ‘happy’ items as putting pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together.

Once it’s all in sync and I feel relaxed when I walk into a bedroom…it’s a game changer for me!


As our everyday routines now involve doing more at home, it’s not surprising that working, studying, playing, relaxing and exercising at home can lead to family members getting on each other’s nerves!

Plants in living roomEven if tension at home isn’t an issue, doing more at home has made us think differently about what we want in the space we live in.

That’s where my interest in bringing wellness and harmony into the home piqued even more. And guess what? Everywhere I looked, I found references to the power and positive energy that plants can bring.

Now, I must admit – I do not have a green thumb. So, learning more about plants has opened a new door for me. For those of you who enjoy gardening outdoors or creating your own indoor green patch – you’re definitely onto something!

So, let’s take a peek at beautifying the home with greenery. And I mean the real stuff – not plastic substitutes!

Incorporating plants into your home can enhance the appearance and bring ‘life’ to a space. Decades of research worldwide has confirmed the super ‘natural’ benefits of plants.

Getting in touch with nature is said to relieve stress, fatigue and promote creativity. Remember how a walk in the park or observing nature just makes you feel good?

Plants have been said to make people happy, largely because it’s quite therapeutic to care for plants.

Watching plants thrive under one’s care further boosts confidence and happiness.

The other benefit of having greenery in the home is that they help purify the air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen. Given the many hours we spend indoors, this is a definite plus!

If you haven’t yet done so, bringing plants into your home is quite easy to do.

You can add a touch of green to many parts of your home; and if you’re like me, the more hardy plants tend to call out!

First, as there are many plant varieties on offer, seek advice if you need help to decide on what’s best.

Speaking with an expert at your local garden center is highly recommended.

Second, think about where in your home you want to add plants and how much space you have.

For instance, you could pop a large
plant next to your sofa or decorate a side table with some green alongside a wall hanging.

Third, once you know how much it takes to care for certain varieties, consider mixing it up. (And be sure to look at how much direct light comes into that space).

There are many ways to add a decorative or colorful touch to your plants – such as unique pots or choosing vibrant flowering varieties.

How about introducing a ceramic stool, wicker basket, colorful rug or macramé hanging pot to showcase your plant?

Adding hanging plants inside your home can really make things pop.

You could also create your own green corner with a combination of plants – which is pleasing to the eye and will add another dimension to your décor.

A dose of green can be a ‘happy’ addition to any room!

Power of Green - Vas Nair Design

Vertical gardens are a popular alternative because many homes don’t have the outdoor space.

This technique involves vertically suspended panels using hydroponics to grow plants.

So, bringing the greenery into the home means enjoying the aesthetics and benefits; with a maintenance system that is weather-proof!

If you have a balcony or courtyard that needs a lift – look no further than your local garden center.

If you’re lucky enough to have the space to relax and enjoy some fresh air outdoors, why not create a wellness spot? Amidst concrete, plants will definitely bring a beautifully green and healthy dimension.

There isn’t a shortage of indoor plants to consider, and here are a few popular ones; The lucky bamboo with its gorgeous stems and rich green leaves thrives in areas with low light and is extremely resilient.

Placing it near the front door might just bring lady luck into your home!

Pothos, also known as Devil’s Ivy, will sit well on a side table and will also look gorgeous in a hanging basket. It’s a very resilient, low maintenance, fast-growing vine and should be kept in indirect light.

Credit: Euny and Burke: Plant and Zero Waste Blog

The African Violet is a favorite of mine. The purple bloom brings a happy note to any part of the home.

Because it isn’t a big plant, it can look stunning as a center piece in your kitchen or dining table and requires filtered sunlight and little care.

Rosemary is a common herb that is said to help concentration, memory and of course adds flavor to many dishes. It’s a hardy and adaptable plant which will need good light to flourish. The kitchen window
is a popular spot to park this baby.

Power of Green - Vas Nair Design

Plants can bring warmth and positive energy to almost any part of your home. Remember, they don’t have to be big to make a statement and you can add your own touch of creativity to blend them into your décor and style.

Aside from the environmental benefits, caring for your plants can be a healthy experience to share with others. As we spend time nurturing our plants, it allows us to concentrate on ‘doing good’ for another living thing.

Zen Garden

Remember to consult an expert for details on how best to care for the plants, as well as child and pet- friendly varieties. And if you have allergy sufferers in your home, all the more reason to do your research before introducing plants into your space. Since I’ve ventured onto this ‘greener’ path, I’m excited about getting more creative with indoor plants in my home and enjoying the many benefits.

As for a bigger adventure in the future, my dream would be to create a Zen garden inspired by nature. Just looking at this picture gives me a sense of calm.

Maybe one day….(soon)!

Animal Print Decor

Do you ever notice that year after year, we are reminded of how WILD can be BEAUTIFUL? Animal print styles have graced homes for generations and can be adapted to blend in or make a ‘noise’!

Animal Print Decor
Photo via Pinterest

This trend has a hard time staying away – leaving a sophisticated print on furniture, throw cushions, wallpaper, bathroom accessories, bedspreads, rugs, artwork, and much more.

I love the options of going bold or making a small splash depending on what you’re aiming to do. Plus, you can work it anytime of the year.

Who says your rooms can’t have as much fun as the quintessential wardrobe?

So, let’s take a walk on the wild side with daring, fashionable and elegant animal prints that appear timeless but fresh.

I for one enjoy breaking in new styles with accessories and there is no doubt that cushions are a practical way to decorate any room.

The best thing is these accents and lively additions are an animal friendly choice, with synthetic materials creating realistic imitations. There isn’t a shortage of ideas and patterns.

Even in small doses, these prints can command attention. For example, adding a playful ottoman alongside neutrals with a clever use of another pattern in the cushion brings excitement to a small space.

Animal Print Decor
Ottoman & is from Wayfair


As much as some folks might be reluctant to give these wild designs a try – I think some well positioned pieces can ‘up’ the glamour rating in any room.

So, how can you capture this message from the wild?

With a myriad of ideas that can be overwhelming, I’d suggest starting with what you’re aiming to do, where in your home you want to add the pizzazz and your budget.

There are way too many style statements to mention here but checkout some of these beauties – like the AMAZING set of pink chairs that add a wonderful contrast and WOW factor!

Animal Print Decor
Photo from Architectural Digest


Or if you’re looking for drama differently – why not spotlight a wall with crocodile skin textured wallpaper and add glamour with gold accents.

Remember you can always bring in neutral colors to get a result that isn’t too wild or add other patterns that done tastefully will spark more character.

Animal Print Decor
Photo via Pinterest


By the way, you don’t have to break the bank to add an adventurous streak to your home. You can invest in a few pieces that will bring attention to parts of your home.

A comforter set for your bedroom, an animal print lamp shade in your home office or a few accessories for the bathroom will work. Plus, you have the flexibility to change them when you’re ready to embrace a different style.

For the not-so-wild enthusiast who wants to try something different, maybe a more subtle and style centric approach is your fancy. Consider a table runner which will blend in with other ornaments and definitely be a conversation starter.

Animal Print Decor
Photo via Pinterest


Animal prints sometimes take a beating for being tacky. However, done tastefully, they add appeal, luxury and beauty to any room.

They can work with a variety of decorating styles and I just love the flexibility of having an all year around appeal in my choice of decor. Also, by mixing the patterns, I can go for a dynamic look anytime.

So, if you haven’t yet tried adding this WILD animal print statement in your home, give it a shot and bring a new personality to your space!

Do you sometimes wonder how best to ‘jazz up’ a room without breaking the bank? Well, try changing or adding new window treatments.

Embellishing your windows can make a BIG difference to a room! Enhance any part of your home and your lifestyle with the different window treatment selections, prices, styles, materials, and colors. 

Choices, choices, choices! 

There is a wonderful palate of options for you to get creative with. I’m talking about blinds, shutters, drapes, curtains, and you can further enhance the window with decorative molding, an exotic valance, drapery hardware or tiebacks.

No matter the shape or size (bay windows around your breakfast nook or tall windows in your living room), it’s easier today to find the right solution than ever before. They can be a focal point in any room plus add value to your home.

You could even go for a different style in each room and mix it up. Ever considered layering drapes with another window treatment such as a shade or a sheer curtain? This can add a different dimension to that space!

But first, sit back with your favorite beverage and think about the following;

What do you want the window treatment to do for you? For example, need more privacy? Better insulation? Beautify the space? Easy maintenance? Or maybe a combination of these?

Next, lock in a budget. And once you’ve prioritized the room (or rooms), pinpoint the type of look you’re interested in. Maybe you want to stick to the style in the room or enhance it with romantic ceiling to floor lavish drapery, perhaps playful shades in the nursery or shutters in the kitchen?

If it’s privacy you’re after, try blackout shades or drapes. Roman shades can give you the richness of drapes and the added bonus of how easily they open and close. 

For an efficient, sleek, easy to clean and affordable solution, you can’t go wrong with faux wood blinds. They’re a great option for bathrooms or your laundry, where moisture can build up.

If it’s convenience you’re after, checkout cordless blinds and shades. Or if you prefer to adjust while you’re on the go, try smart blinds and shades which you control using your phone or tablet. Imagine bringing warmth into any room by raising the blinds and letting in the sun – all before you get home. 

Window treatments are far from boring! Your color selection can help elevate the mood in a room – such as blue drapes for a calming effect, neutral shades to keep it effortlessly chic, or velvet to create richness and sophistication. Another practical way to use drapes is to add spark to your décor with colors or patterns that complement what’s already there.

Finally, here’s something else to consider. If you’re looking for an ‘oh so grand’ statement, how about stained-glass windows? They will bring a ton of character to your home!

A room isn’t quite complete without window treatments. It reminds me of a cake without the icing! When decorated beautifully, your windows can ooze style, charm and sophistication. 

By accessing online services, you don’t even have to leave your home to get advice and make your selection. With a great number of solutions, colors, materials, and styles – this is a fabulous way to update a room or your entire home. 


I’m SUPER EXCITED to tell you about the launch of my uniquely designed accent mirrors!!

I call them MirrorArt because they are distinct pieces of art that beautify and add elegance to a space. 

Stunning accent mirror that will be a centerpiece in any room!

I think mirrors have a magical element to them. Mirrors hold us. A mirror allows us to look inward and for a moment, we are captivated.

My inspiration for creating MirrorArt comes from the journeys I’ve taken, the people and stories I’ve encountered around the world and sometimes my imagination taking flight!

Each mirror piece is an original design, and carefully handcrafted in the United States. There is only one of any piece, which makes them even more exceptional! My motivation is to bring unique MirrorArt to your home, so you can treasure a one of a kind piece.

As a designer, I embark on an adventure with each creation. What makes each mirror even more distinctive is the fabric infused into it. I source my fabrics from all over the world.

For example, the initial collection showcases fabric from India, Turkey, Australia and Malaysia.  The outer and inner frames are carefully selected to bring out the elegance of each design. I’m launching my first collection in the United States, with a plan to expand globally in the near future. Checkout my limited edition mirror collection at my Etsy shopThank you!  And I hope you are equally inspired by this collection!


I want to tell you that as a designer, I am obsessed with mirrors and how they can bring beauty and function to any room!

We see them everywhere – in cafes, restaurants, stores, office buildings and of course in our homes. 

Mirrors have been around for thousands of years and have evolved in their purpose and style to be part of almost every home and building. 

Did you know that in ancient times, small handheld mirrors were made of polished metal and that glass mirrors were only for the wealthy? So, way back when, mirrors had glamour, held a certain prestige and were highly prized! Also, Spiritually – light is thought to bring awareness and wisdom. Therefore, in terms of spiritual symbolism, mirrors reflect truth.

As we all know, today mirrors play a big part in the world of décor.

We have AMAZING choices in designs, colors, sizes, shapes, and types of mirrors. And as an interior designer, I love including mirrors during the creative process!

When decorating a room for instance, the use of a mirror appears to create more space. So, it’s a neat idea to consider when you want to make a small space seem larger.

Also, by placing a mirror opposite a window, it reflects light back into the room – therefore making the room brighter by using natural light.

I often use a mirror as a focal point in a room, which can minimize the need to bring in additional décor. AND I’ve even used mirrors against wallpaper to bring a bold statement that can look AWESOME!

Mirrors can range dramatically in price and depending on what you need it for and where you want to showcase it, I think it’s definitely worth considering when you plan to decorate.

A beautiful mirror can bring elegance, style, character and function to any space! I hope this message gives you different ways to use and position mirrors….

Have Fun With It!

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Thank You!