May 1

Tips from an Interior Designer about working from home

The journey of finding the balance between your work and your home space Despite a significant uptick in the number of people working from home, many are still unsure about […]

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Apr 4

Japandi Design

Using Japandi To Transform Your Home When I hear about the blending of different styles to bring in new interior design allure, I get SUPER excited! In my books, the […]

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Apr 1

Patio and Backyard Decor Ideas

Transform the Outside & Extend Your Living Space As the warmer days approach, so does outdoor living! Whether it’s an afternoon of relaxation or a weekend with family and friends, […]

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Mar 2

Bedroom Decor Ideas

Adding ‘Chic’ To Your Bedroom  The bedroom is one of the most private spaces in the home and in my books, requires special ‘décor’ attention from time to time. Adding […]

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Feb 1

The Power of Green

As our everyday routines now involve doing more at home, it’s not surprising that working, studying, playing, relaxing and exercising at home can lead to family members getting on each […]

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