May 16

Inspired by Travel: CUBA Interior Design and Architecture

Inspired by Travel: Cuba Hola from Cuba! Interior Design and Architecture inspiration is everywhere! Infusing global design into my client’s interiors is a speciality of mine. Not only inspiration but […]

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Apr 28

Decorating Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Planning to buy and then move into your first home can be very exciting… and at times stressful! Taking on a home design project for the first time is filled […]

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Feb 27

Healthy Headspace: Curating your home to attract positive ‘mind space’

It is said that the state of your home reflects the state of your mind. Sometimes I wonder if a poor state of mental health causes the clutter and disarray […]

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Oct 2

To Stage Or Not To Stage…That Is The Question!

At this point, it’s not even a question….as research tells us why it’s a Win/Win/Win to ‘home stage’ when selling your home. The seller, buyer and realtor all benefit from […]

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Jul 25

The Beauty About Doors

No doubt you’ve seen some gorgeous and funky doors during your travels…& if you’re like me…you’ve probably considered transporting them home (and wishing you had more rooms for the doors!) […]

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