It’s true that we’re all spending so much more time at home…and it’s the perfect opportunity to make your work-from-home space lovable! Sometimes we need that little push to get moving on this project. So here are a few tips to help you…

Please, no clutter! – be strict about what needs to stay in your workspace; what should be stored or simply trashed! Invest in storage bins or baskets to ensure you have easy access to much-needed items. Less clutter means a cleaner work environment that brings in positive energy and is visually more pleasing.

Brighten the mood! – a fresh coat of paint always helps. The brighter the color, the happier and more optimistic it makes you feel. You’re not limited to white or beige – try pastels like peach, light pink, mint or lilac. Of course, you’ll want to ensure you have proper lighting – either from natural light or light fixtures. Lighting makes a big difference in productivity, mood and health.

Spoil yourself! – go on, add some flair! A standout comfy chair, rug or cushion alongside your favorite décor will do the trick. Add a few touches to relax you when you work – such as candles or room sprays (Lavender and Chamomile is my favorite)! Also get that playlist going in the background.

Well, well, well! – there is a ton of science backed evidence to suggest that having plants in the home promotes wellness. They are naturally more beneficial for you – improving air quality and mental health. And the simple fact is, they beautify the room!

So, take a bit of time to do this for yourself and your loved ones. Ensuring your workspace is ‘healthy’ and aesthetically pleasing has many benefits. There will be challenges thrown at us from many angles and keeping a positive mindset goes a long way towards staying on top of things. Above all else, have fun with it!