With our ‘crazy busy’ schedules, we often miss out on quality time with loved ones, especially those relaxing, chill out moments with our partner.

Any spare time is usually taken up with another ‘To Do’ list, right? And part of that list probably includes renovations or upgrades to the home and garden.

So, here’s an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Why not transform part of your garden just for the two of you? 

If you’re searching for an opportunity to spend some quality time with your significant other – it’s a fabulous reason to create a romantic backyard.

If you’re lucky to have a large garden, then pick a spot and get your gardening gloves on!

But remember, even the smallest space can be created into a dreamy spot for two.

Here are some inspirations to consider as you design your romantic ‘getaway’ in your own backyard;

Creating a romantic backyard - Vas Nair Design

Charming catch-up corner  Sometimes a coffee catch-up before you start your day is the best way to get your spirits up; and why not do it in your own garden?

I love the light, neutral colors that spring forward here against the tiles and greenery to make a statement.

The natural timber and wooden aspects in this design further blends it all into nature.

Enjoying your morning coffee and talking about your plans for the day couldn’t happen in a better spot! 

Creating a romantic backyard

Balcony in bloom    If you don’t have your own garden, don’t let that stop you.

Why not embellish your balcony with your favorite colors, plants, rugs, and decorative cushions?

This could be the definitive space where you both catch up on reading or simply put your feet up.

The nice thing about this set-up is that you can change the plants and colors to match the season.

Dress it up with candles for the night and mix things up to celebrate special occasions. 

Beautiful garden with fire pit andirondack chairs and greenhouse

Cuddle by the fire  Who doesn’t love a fireside chat? The fire pit is not just a heat source, but also an artistic assertion that captures the eye.

Choose one that isn’t too big for the space. The selection of styles today vary from rustic to modern, so you get to add your own personal touch.

Imagine huddling around a warm fire on a cool night with your favorite beverage, as you watch the sunset? Pretty romantic, right?

Modern magic  If you’ve recently spruced up your garden and prefer a more contemporary style…here’s a quick solution.

Be bold with color by adding two seats that will pop in the midst of your courtyard.

With flowers in bloom, it’s an inviting addition to your already completed garden. No other fashionable furnishings required!

Your chill out zone is ready when you are!

Dinner under the stars  Creating this secluded setting just for the two of you is quite simple.

With a table and chairs under a tree, the addition of string lights or tiki torches brings in a super romantic backdrop.

Add your favorite cushions, table décor, champagne, and here’s your go to spot that doesn’t take up too much space.

For extra privacy, you can bring in a garden trellis with climbing plants.


Poolside cabana  This is a super luxe setting!

Create a romantic area by the pool to enjoy your favorite bottle of chardonnay.

Infuse that extra touch of charm with a beautiful chandelier, rug and throw cushions.

Bring in a bar cart for your evening get-togethers when you’re simply downloading the day’s events. Having it poolside also means you’re a few steps away from a dip during those balmy evenings.

Gardens and greenery matter because they give us a direct connection to nature, and that connection uplifts the mind, body and spirit.  Even with a smaller area, there are many ways to create the right ambiance and enjoy that much needed break.

Make the most of your time together – get a breath of fresh air, sit back and relish the gem you designed for yourselves.