Grandmillennial Style…say what? 

“As millennials embrace and mix timeless styles, a new decor is born, and it may be something on which we can all agree.”

Grand millennial Style is the appreciation of eclecticism through the mix of styles, such as traditional, mid-century modern, Victorian, contemporary, Bohemian and perhaps rustic charm.

By bending the ‘home décor’ rules and embracing timeless styles, this gives us a new paradigm. One that says we can create our own rules!

Too much of a ‘match everything’ approach kills it.

For instance, mix up the chairs around the dining table or accessorize a small nesting table and add poufs instead of a large coffee table taking center stage.

Contemporary wall art, a statement rug and throw pillows are definitely encouraged!

Adding greenery is important with this style. Be that succulents or larger plants…they all add to the charm. 

Infuse your own personality and define creativity your own way. The use of wallpaper is one way to do this.

Florals, neutrals and metallic hues all the way to animal patterns cater to bold or subtle messages. Try showcasing one wall and add your favorite pieces to make it dynamic. You could even wallpaper your ceiling. Have fun with it!

Something we’ve seen more of is spotlighting the kitchen island with bold lighting, which may be a touch different from the rest of the kitchen.

Add a patch of Mediterranean tiles for a pop of beauty and you have a Grand millennial look. Remember, it’s all about combining styles to come up with something that is uniquely you.

I’ve always enjoyed blending various styles and materials when decorating – so it was such a delight to read about the merging of styles to bring about this eclectic flair.

To me this brings together personality and panache!

Thank you, Grand millennial stylists! 


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