Inspired by Travel: Cuba

Hola from Cuba!

Interior Design and Architecture inspiration is everywhere! Infusing global design into my client’s interiors is a speciality of mine.

Not only inspiration but the preservation of memories can come from traveling. In your journey, pay attention to fabrics, colors, smells and other elements you can incorporate in your own home to relive your trip. Photography is an excellent way to encapsulate a mood and have you constantly “revisiting” your favorite places from the comfort of your own home.

I had an AWESOME week in Cuba – the Caribbean’s¬†largest island. It was wonderful to see and feel the blend of European, African and Amerindian influences in Cuban music, food, lifestyle, decor, art and architecture. Havana is brimming with stories of ‘Hemingway’s Cuba’, where he lived and penned his novels for over 30 years.

Magnificent bold colors line the cities and countryside. There is no shortage of places to enjoy their precious rum, coffee and cigars, while savouring Cuban recipes and spices.

A fascinating journey through time and endless design inspiration…