Using Japandi To Transform Your Home

When I hear about the blending of different styles to bring in new interior design allure, I get SUPER excited! In my books, the combination of artistry introduces many more ideas. So, refreshing the interior of your home just got a lot more exciting! 

Minimal wood bedframe in bedroom showing an element of Japandi Design

The Japandi style shows off the hybrid of east and west and is taking the world by storm.

The modern and yet rustic Scandinavian touches combined with the traditional and elegant Japanese style creates a stunningly fresh minimalist, functional and warm feel.

If you’re looking for a way to add a ‘haven’ like comfort to your home, this could be it!

There’s a simple way to tackle this, so here are a few things to keep in mind…

Start with a neutral undertone and then layer

This style isn’t about an overbearing mix of colors.

Select whites, creams, greys or other earthy notes.

Throwing in pops of color will bring in your own charm. BUT don’t overcrowd the color palate.

The Japandi style promotes contrasting colors, such as adding black or tan to the earthy background. This is the layering effect. 

Lulu and Georgia

Stay minimal, warm and functional

The idea is to keep away from too much décor and proudly showcase minimalistic fashion.

Yes, it does mean decluttering and sticking to the essentials!

Without doing this, you won’t enjoy the clean lines and warmth that’s required to pull it off.

You’ll notice the focus is on ‘less is more’ and yet functional. So, before you invest in any new furniture, clean out those drawers! The end result is a space that feels more open and allows for a better flow of positive energy.

Combine a multitude of materials

Japandi Living Room with sleek design

Here is where it gets to be really fun!

Woven fabric, metal, glass, wooden furniture or ratan décor can add texture that will bring more personality to the space.

Remember, minimalism here does not have to be cold and boring.

You can see how the lighter colored flooring and wall further accentuate the darker tones throughout the room, therefore infusing more warmth. Finally, the Japandi style thrives on natural elements.

The best way to connect the inside with the outdoors is to use plants to enliven your home.

Plants bring natural beauty and add a healthy dimension to any space.

Remember, although the purpose here is to blend the two styles, it’s not about overkill with décor and color. Comfort, warmth, functionality and minimalism are the main themes to keep in mind.

Regardless of the size of your space, this style is very achievable. So, have fun with it and enjoy a new and refreshing way to experience your home!