I’m SUPER EXCITED to tell you about the launch of my uniquely designed accent mirrors!!

I call them MirrorArt because they are distinct pieces of art that beautify and add elegance to a space. 

Stunning accent mirror that will be a centerpiece in any room!

I think mirrors have a magical element to them. Mirrors hold us. A mirror allows us to look inward and for a moment, we are captivated.

My inspiration for creating MirrorArt comes from the journeys I’ve taken, the people and stories I’ve encountered around the world and sometimes my imagination taking flight!

Each mirror piece is an original design, and carefully handcrafted in the United States. There is only one of any piece, which makes them even more exceptional! My motivation is to bring unique MirrorArt to your home, so you can treasure a one of a kind piece.

As a designer, I embark on an adventure with each creation. What makes each mirror even more distinctive is the fabric infused into it. I source my fabrics from all over the world.

For example, the initial collection showcases fabric from India, Turkey, Australia and Malaysia.  The outer and inner frames are carefully selected to bring out the elegance of each design. I’m launching my first collection in the United States, with a plan to expand globally in the near future. Checkout my limited edition mirror collection at my Etsy shopThank you!  And I hope you are equally inspired by this collection!