Animal Print Decor

Do you ever notice that year after year, we are reminded of how WILD can be BEAUTIFUL? Animal print styles have graced homes for generations and can be adapted to blend in or make a ‘noise’!

Animal Print Decor
Photo via Pinterest

This trend has a hard time staying away – leaving a sophisticated print on furniture, throw cushions, wallpaper, bathroom accessories, bedspreads, rugs, artwork, and much more.

I love the options of going bold or making a small splash depending on what you’re aiming to do. Plus, you can work it anytime of the year.

Who says your rooms can’t have as much fun as the quintessential wardrobe?

So, let’s take a walk on the wild side with daring, fashionable and elegant animal prints that appear timeless but fresh.

I for one enjoy breaking in new styles with accessories and there is no doubt that cushions are a practical way to decorate any room.

The best thing is these accents and lively additions are an animal friendly choice, with synthetic materials creating realistic imitations. There isn’t a shortage of ideas and patterns.

Even in small doses, these prints can command attention. For example, adding a playful ottoman alongside neutrals with a clever use of another pattern in the cushion brings excitement to a small space.

Animal Print Decor
Ottoman & is from Wayfair


As much as some folks might be reluctant to give these wild designs a try – I think some well positioned pieces can ‘up’ the glamour rating in any room.

So, how can you capture this message from the wild?

With a myriad of ideas that can be overwhelming, I’d suggest starting with what you’re aiming to do, where in your home you want to add the pizzazz and your budget.

There are way too many style statements to mention here but checkout some of these beauties – like the AMAZING set of pink chairs that add a wonderful contrast and WOW factor!

Animal Print Decor
Photo from Architectural Digest


Or if you’re looking for drama differently – why not spotlight a wall with crocodile skin textured wallpaper and add glamour with gold accents.

Remember you can always bring in neutral colors to get a result that isn’t too wild or add other patterns that done tastefully will spark more character.

Animal Print Decor
Photo via Pinterest


By the way, you don’t have to break the bank to add an adventurous streak to your home. You can invest in a few pieces that will bring attention to parts of your home.

A comforter set for your bedroom, an animal print lamp shade in your home office or a few accessories for the bathroom will work. Plus, you have the flexibility to change them when you’re ready to embrace a different style.

For the not-so-wild enthusiast who wants to try something different, maybe a more subtle and style centric approach is your fancy. Consider a table runner which will blend in with other ornaments and definitely be a conversation starter.

Animal Print Decor
Photo via Pinterest


Animal prints sometimes take a beating for being tacky. However, done tastefully, they add appeal, luxury and beauty to any room.

They can work with a variety of decorating styles and I just love the flexibility of having an all year around appeal in my choice of decor. Also, by mixing the patterns, I can go for a dynamic look anytime.

So, if you haven’t yet tried adding this WILD animal print statement in your home, give it a shot and bring a new personality to your space!