No doubt you’ve seen this style in person or beautifully featured in articles and social media posts. It celebrates a combination of country warmth and contemporary definitions. It came into the limelight in 2020 and continues to inspire interior designers and home enthusiasts worldwide. I for one love the blend of rustic comfort with a more minimalist and modern personality.

‘Farmhouse’ references can depict old furniture and dark wood panels. Not here! You can expect to be surprised by the charm of crisp white walls, exposed wood beams, brushed metal handles, dimpled timber flooring, sisal rugs and many more delightful elements that give a nod to this style.

The natural elements such as wood, metal and stone introduce a ‘return to nature’ feeling; while clean, sleek lines add an element of sophistication. Play off each style with select wall art, rugs, easy décor  and furniture.

Minimalistic contemporary touches are key to achieving this style. And remember not to overdo it, or you’ll create a space that will look overworked. Keep it relaxed!

If you’re renovating your home to incorporate this style, consider exposed rafters or infusing traditional kitchen tiles with modern cabinets. Adding rustic pendant lights is a simple way to weave in the farmhouse elegance to your new kitchen.

A less daunting approach is to paint the walls using a neutral palette of whites, creams, and greys. Maybe start off in a bedroom. To make the personality all your own, add pops of color with the bed linen and throw cushions. Against a neutral and minimalist background, your ‘country home’ décor brings in the warmth. And without too many colors, you’re keeping away that ‘overcrowded’ feeling.

Another reason this style has gained popularity is the ability to seamlessly add color to enhance a room while holding onto that country home elegance. This room with its fireplace brings it all together with the white fabric against a blue feature wall. The neutrals are further enhanced by the jute rug, storage baskets and plants. The aesthetics come alive when you create layers with throw rugs and chunky pillows. It’s refreshing to bring that combination of country coziness into our homes; and to be able to modernize it to suit our practical needs. It’s appealing for all the right reasons – mainly that approachable, comfortable feeling when you walk in the door.


It’s easy to understand why folks find this style simply adorable! Aside from the comfortable and yet contemporary factor, it’s versatile and compatible with other designs such as traditional, rustic, and industrial. With its soft and cozy touches, it certainly is an easy going decorating style!