No doubt you’ve seen some gorgeous and funky doors during your travels…& if you’re like me…you’ve probably considered transporting them home (and wishing you had more rooms for the doors!)

Doors are a gateway to your home and living space and can come in handy as a canvas to decorate and even Go Bold! Inventing a whole new ambiance for a room can be easily achieved by searching for ideas online and keeping an eye out for the many examples all around us. I’ve seen inspirations at cafes, old and new buildings, antique shops and boutiques to name a few. Start with the ‘theme’ you want to create. For example, Spanish, Moroccan, Asian inspired or eclectic doors can blend in or stand out with the help of your precious pieces or additional décor in the room – such as rugs, candles, lamps and furniture.

Decorative doors can also be used as an alternate piece of art. I’ve got one hanging on a wall, which brings attention to what was a large empty space. Have you thought about jazzing up a bedroom by using it as a headboard? Also, leaning it against a wall indoors or outside can make it a centerpiece. By adding a few plants around it, you now have a blended and natural look.  Finally, you could take on a mini project…DIY and try sprucing up a door. Scrape the paint, blend in colors and finish it to get the look you want. Paint stores have the tools and a ton of colors to help with this. I tried it recently and it’s not as difficult as it might sound. It allows you to customize the colors to further enhance your favorite space. And it’s your own work of art! As a finishing touch, explore different hardware to bring a bit more attention to the door. Go ahead – be creative!