As our everyday routines now involve doing more at home, it’s not surprising that working, studying, playing, relaxing and exercising at home can lead to family members getting on each other’s nerves!

Plants in living roomEven if tension at home isn’t an issue, doing more at home has made us think differently about what we want in the space we live in.

That’s where my interest in bringing wellness and harmony into the home piqued even more. And guess what? Everywhere I looked, I found references to the power and positive energy that plants can bring.

Now, I must admit – I do not have a green thumb. So, learning more about plants has opened a new door for me. For those of you who enjoy gardening outdoors or creating your own indoor green patch – you’re definitely onto something!

So, let’s take a peek at beautifying the home with greenery. And I mean the real stuff – not plastic substitutes!

Incorporating plants into your home can enhance the appearance and bring ‘life’ to a space. Decades of research worldwide has confirmed the super ‘natural’ benefits of plants.

Getting in touch with nature is said to relieve stress, fatigue and promote creativity. Remember how a walk in the park or observing nature just makes you feel good?

Plants have been said to make people happy, largely because it’s quite therapeutic to care for plants.

Watching plants thrive under one’s care further boosts confidence and happiness.

The other benefit of having greenery in the home is that they help purify the air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen. Given the many hours we spend indoors, this is a definite plus!

If you haven’t yet done so, bringing plants into your home is quite easy to do.

You can add a touch of green to many parts of your home; and if you’re like me, the more hardy plants tend to call out!

First, as there are many plant varieties on offer, seek advice if you need help to decide on what’s best.

Speaking with an expert at your local garden center is highly recommended.

Second, think about where in your home you want to add plants and how much space you have.

For instance, you could pop a large
plant next to your sofa or decorate a side table with some green alongside a wall hanging.

Third, once you know how much it takes to care for certain varieties, consider mixing it up. (And be sure to look at how much direct light comes into that space).

There are many ways to add a decorative or colorful touch to your plants – such as unique pots or choosing vibrant flowering varieties.

How about introducing a ceramic stool, wicker basket, colorful rug or macramé hanging pot to showcase your plant?

Adding hanging plants inside your home can really make things pop.

You could also create your own green corner with a combination of plants – which is pleasing to the eye and will add another dimension to your décor.

A dose of green can be a ‘happy’ addition to any room!

Power of Green - Vas Nair Design

Vertical gardens are a popular alternative because many homes don’t have the outdoor space.

This technique involves vertically suspended panels using hydroponics to grow plants.

So, bringing the greenery into the home means enjoying the aesthetics and benefits; with a maintenance system that is weather-proof!

If you have a balcony or courtyard that needs a lift – look no further than your local garden center.

If you’re lucky enough to have the space to relax and enjoy some fresh air outdoors, why not create a wellness spot? Amidst concrete, plants will definitely bring a beautifully green and healthy dimension.

There isn’t a shortage of indoor plants to consider, and here are a few popular ones; The lucky bamboo with its gorgeous stems and rich green leaves thrives in areas with low light and is extremely resilient.

Placing it near the front door might just bring lady luck into your home!

Pothos, also known as Devil’s Ivy, will sit well on a side table and will also look gorgeous in a hanging basket. It’s a very resilient, low maintenance, fast-growing vine and should be kept in indirect light.

Credit: Euny and Burke: Plant and Zero Waste Blog

The African Violet is a favorite of mine. The purple bloom brings a happy note to any part of the home.

Because it isn’t a big plant, it can look stunning as a center piece in your kitchen or dining table and requires filtered sunlight and little care.

Rosemary is a common herb that is said to help concentration, memory and of course adds flavor to many dishes. It’s a hardy and adaptable plant which will need good light to flourish. The kitchen window
is a popular spot to park this baby.

Power of Green - Vas Nair Design

Plants can bring warmth and positive energy to almost any part of your home. Remember, they don’t have to be big to make a statement and you can add your own touch of creativity to blend them into your décor and style.

Aside from the environmental benefits, caring for your plants can be a healthy experience to share with others. As we spend time nurturing our plants, it allows us to concentrate on ‘doing good’ for another living thing.

Zen Garden

Remember to consult an expert for details on how best to care for the plants, as well as child and pet- friendly varieties. And if you have allergy sufferers in your home, all the more reason to do your research before introducing plants into your space. Since I’ve ventured onto this ‘greener’ path, I’m excited about getting more creative with indoor plants in my home and enjoying the many benefits.

As for a bigger adventure in the future, my dream would be to create a Zen garden inspired by nature. Just looking at this picture gives me a sense of calm.

Maybe one day….(soon)!