Maybe it’s time for a change…

As kids grow up, get into new hobbies or simply need a fresher, more appealing place to call their room…it’s time to bring more energy into that space!

Yes, it might appear daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Designing a colorful, creative and cool kid’s room could just involve the following 4 thought starters.

When I think of a kid’s bedroom – I visualize sparks of color, fun elements & brightness! Here are some ideas to get you going on this project;

1. If you don’t have one, I would start by picking a theme or fav colors.  There isn’t a shortage of choices – from nautical to animal kingdom; pink to superheroes; or rock & roll to floral delight. Get your kids involved & creatively sign-up with you. Their involvement allows them to put their own stamp on it.

2. To keep the longevity of your wall colors, I would recommend using neutrals as a strong backdrop; then adding splashes of color. If your kids have favorite colors, like the green pictured above, then go with it. You can bring in splashes of color by stacking an array of books on floating shelves next to their favorite toys or décor. Even adding cushions & throws will work. This makes it simpler to update the look in the future without having to re-do the entire room. If you haven’t yet, try removable wallpaper or decals. There are so many fun choices!

3. Blend different elements to bring the room alive – such as a jute rug, wooden cabinet or desk, furry toys, metal bedframe and cotton drapes. You’ll love the way each element complements the other.

4. Finally, add a feature light fixture or accent chair. A simple & yet attention grabbing solution!

Needless to say – clearing any clutter with proper storage helps to keep the room tidy, is aesthetically pleasing & will minimize time spent looking for things. Now go & have a ball with it!