You’ve probably seen a rise in the use of wallpaper of late. There is a stunning array of colors and design; and it’s considered durable for high traffic areas. If you’re doubtful, perhaps bring attention to a feature wall with wallpaper versus doing an entire room. Using it behind a headboard lessens the need for excessive décor.

Place your favorite pieces such as a side table and lamp to create a wholesome picture. Or go BOLD in your living room and add pieces to make the wallpaper LOUD!

I worked with a couple that likes to change up their Manhattan apartment very frequently. Enter wallpaper tiles! Over the years, they’ve gone from a garden motif to distressed planks to currently a Victorian theme. Here’s to a couple that likes to experiment!

I was recently at a Design Conference in New York and was delighted to see so many more selections in tiles, felt and cork wall coverings and silk wallpapers. Yes, they may have been around for a bit – but oh so many more choices!

Finally, if you prefer to stay with your painted walls, the use of fabric to ‘dress up’ your wall is easily done. Again, select a feature wall, use a rustic metal or wooden rod to wrap the fabric over. A black or off-white painted wall will exaggerate your drape. Plus, you get to update your fabric colors throughout the year.

Until next time…give wall art a second look!