I want to tell you that as a designer, I am obsessed with mirrors and how they can bring beauty and function to any room!

We see them everywhere – in cafes, restaurants, stores, office buildings and of course in our homes. 

Mirrors have been around for thousands of years and have evolved in their purpose and style to be part of almost every home and building. 

Did you know that in ancient times, small handheld mirrors were made of polished metal and that glass mirrors were only for the wealthy? So, way back when, mirrors had glamour, held a certain prestige and were highly prized! Also, Spiritually – light is thought to bring awareness and wisdom. Therefore, in terms of spiritual symbolism, mirrors reflect truth.

As we all know, today mirrors play a big part in the world of décor.

We have AMAZING choices in designs, colors, sizes, shapes, and types of mirrors. And as an interior designer, I love including mirrors during the creative process!

When decorating a room for instance, the use of a mirror appears to create more space. So, it’s a neat idea to consider when you want to make a small space seem larger.

Also, by placing a mirror opposite a window, it reflects light back into the room – therefore making the room brighter by using natural light.

I often use a mirror as a focal point in a room, which can minimize the need to bring in additional décor. AND I’ve even used mirrors against wallpaper to bring a bold statement that can look AWESOME!

Mirrors can range dramatically in price and depending on what you need it for and where you want to showcase it, I think it’s definitely worth considering when you plan to decorate.

A beautiful mirror can bring elegance, style, character and function to any space! I hope this message gives you different ways to use and position mirrors….

Have Fun With It!

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Thank You!