Do you sometimes wonder how best to ‘jazz up’ a room without breaking the bank? Well, try changing or adding new window treatments.

Embellishing your windows can make a BIG difference to a room! Enhance any part of your home and your lifestyle with the different window treatment selections, prices, styles, materials, and colors. 

Choices, choices, choices! 

There is a wonderful palate of options for you to get creative with. I’m talking about blinds, shutters, drapes, curtains, and you can further enhance the window with decorative molding, an exotic valance, drapery hardware or tiebacks.

No matter the shape or size (bay windows around your breakfast nook or tall windows in your living room), it’s easier today to find the right solution than ever before. They can be a focal point in any room plus add value to your home.

You could even go for a different style in each room and mix it up. Ever considered layering drapes with another window treatment such as a shade or a sheer curtain? This can add a different dimension to that space!

But first, sit back with your favorite beverage and think about the following;

What do you want the window treatment to do for you? For example, need more privacy? Better insulation? Beautify the space? Easy maintenance? Or maybe a combination of these?

Next, lock in a budget. And once you’ve prioritized the room (or rooms), pinpoint the type of look you’re interested in. Maybe you want to stick to the style in the room or enhance it with romantic ceiling to floor lavish drapery, perhaps playful shades in the nursery or shutters in the kitchen?

If it’s privacy you’re after, try blackout shades or drapes. Roman shades can give you the richness of drapes and the added bonus of how easily they open and close. 

For an efficient, sleek, easy to clean and affordable solution, you can’t go wrong with faux wood blinds. They’re a great option for bathrooms or your laundry, where moisture can build up.

If it’s convenience you’re after, checkout cordless blinds and shades. Or if you prefer to adjust while you’re on the go, try smart blinds and shades which you control using your phone or tablet. Imagine bringing warmth into any room by raising the blinds and letting in the sun – all before you get home. 

Window treatments are far from boring! Your color selection can help elevate the mood in a room – such as blue drapes for a calming effect, neutral shades to keep it effortlessly chic, or velvet to create richness and sophistication. Another practical way to use drapes is to add spark to your décor with colors or patterns that complement what’s already there.

Finally, here’s something else to consider. If you’re looking for an ‘oh so grand’ statement, how about stained-glass windows? They will bring a ton of character to your home!

A room isn’t quite complete without window treatments. It reminds me of a cake without the icing! When decorated beautifully, your windows can ooze style, charm and sophistication. 

By accessing online services, you don’t even have to leave your home to get advice and make your selection. With a great number of solutions, colors, materials, and styles – this is a fabulous way to update a room or your entire home.